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Enabled taking screenshots along with screen recording ability makes the software attractive.

SpyEra helps one to intercept as well as record all the phone calls. This software can operate on both iOS as well as Android. With one license, it can be installed on multiple phones. Thus, SpyEra is one of the best phone spying software which is available at an affordable price. Some of the features of SpyEra are listed below:. SpyEra specializes in monitoring as well as recording phone calls remotely. Mobile Spy is designed as a monitoring software, especially, for parents as well as employers.

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The software provides a highly advanced dashboard which helps in monitoring all the phone activities remotely. One can monitor all the text messages, details of GPS location, call logs, photos, social media activities like WhatsApp messages , Facebook activity , etc. The software provides a legal solution as compared to other phone spying solutions. It is marketed basically to parents as well as employers.

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Phone Spying is mobile spying software which was launched in early The software provides the basic monitoring and spying at a high price. One can monitor multiple devices with it, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It has the best features which include the following:. XnSpy stands as the powerful and non-intrusive software for mobile spying.

It has the best features as compared to other spying software. One can spy WhatsApp chats, Facebook activity and other social media data.

One can get the detailed report about the real-time location of the target device. The XnSpy software is compatible with Android as well as iPhone. It also gives a live demo online. Thus, XnSpy is one of the top phone spying software solutions at an affordable price. The XnSpy software has all the features one needs in a spying software.

It is easy to use and less faulty. Despite the robust features, the price of XnSpy is competitive with the other software solutions in the list. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Android Spy. Top 10 Spy Software for Android Phones.

User Review 5 3 votes. Comments Rating 0 0 reviews. BlurSPY will let the parents save their children from social media dangers and monitor their internet and social media use. It is the best app for offline tracking as well. Online activities like social media use, internet history, list of apps and such other stuff can be tracked. Apart from this, Cell phone surveillance also tracks live locations, text messages, monitors calls, checks multimedia, captures the screen of the device, bugs mic as well as camera, tracks passwords and pattern locks and whatnot.

BlurSPY is a complete package for a family. Everyone within the family will remain under control of this wonderful and advanced android tracking app.

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According to the laws, the use of parental control apps is legal in every case. However, the parents have to ensure transparency in this regard. Coming to BlurSPY, it is safe to use for tracking and monitoring kids. Parents should use it within the limits. All the parents these days are concerned with the activities of their children. So they need a solution that helps them track their children.

BlurSPY is the ideal option in this regard. Children should be informed by their parents. Similarly, many companies want to protect their business data, secrets and important information in the workplace. They are rightful to use phone monitoring software in order to improve workplace security. In the banking sector, most of the senior employees are tracked by their bosses.

All are legitimate.

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BlurSPY is a safe option for employee tracking system. Apart from this, other individuals can also use spy tracking software for tracking purposes. They should be clean when it comes to using the app. In such cases, the law comes into force. BlurSPY feels pleasure to claim it is the ultimate and the best android tracker in the market at the moment. Users should be aware of the frauds and scams. The phone spy app aims to improve digital parenting and provide peace of mind to their Users.

BlurSPY is compatible with all the android devices. Even the latest phones are compatible with the app.

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You should not be worried about BlurSPY app at all. It will be always with you in tough times to become the bodyguard of your kids. BlurSPY distinguishes itself from the competitors. It has its unique list of advanced features which make it the top android tracker of the world. BlurSPY takes pride in announcing why and how it is the best parental monitoring app as well as an employee tracker too. User satisfaction has always been the focus of BlurSPY team. We work all the time to outdo user experience, provide the best and advanced features, help parents track their kids for better security and employees to protect their data.

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