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I stayed true to him for 7 months till 5 days ago. I'm in love with him! He told me that I can get a gf months ago then a few weeks ago that he knows that I want to have sex. Then said just make sure you use a condom.

How to Say You're Sorry for Cheating

So my dumb butt did. Then I lied at first telling him I want to a party and 4got my phone and that's why I missed his call that night. So last night I told him that I had sex. His is heart broken. Crying his eyes out to me. He never through I would do it. Know I don't know what to do. I have apologized over and over.

But you’re more than just a label.

I wish I could take it back. I just don't know where to go from here. I sit and listen to him vent about I have done to him and US. How can he trust in me again. I need help in where do I go from here. I have been on the receiving end before but I didn't get a letter of apology. I got a letter from the third party to tell me about it! I have cheated on my spouse of 9 years.

I didn't want to post my story publicly, but I am willing to share it with anyone who wants to listen and perhaps correspond with me, as I will have questions. I also would like to hear your story.

Revenge on cheating spouse (r/AskReddit)

Please only people who are good listeners, need respond. Thanks so much.

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I love this lense! We all make mistakes and sometimes we do stupid things before we realise how much we love someone. Trying to explain our mistakes is so hard thankyou for helping. I just found out about my wife a week ago. I am a step ahead of the game, I already wrote her one not given to her yet apologizing for my part of the problem in the marriage that led to what happened.

The Unfaithful Wife

It was lack of communication and me working too much that drove her away lonely for emotional feelings that eventually led to a double edged sword of emotional and physical infidelity. I would hope for her letter without having to prompt for it, If I have to ask, it looses a lot of sincerity for me. It was my idea to try to save our 25 year marriage rather than throw her out. Nobody can possibly understand the pain you and I are in without having been there themselves. I am just glad she says she wants to work it out also. Supposedly she has had no contact with the OM and will maintain that.

Just the two of them alone in an office all day, the situation was ripe to say the least. I knew that but did not say anything because I wanted to trust her. I wish he had a wife to tell the truth to. I am writing a "letter" to him, not threats but explaining the amount of hurt he has caused us and how he cheapened my wife by sending her home with a salad for me when they were lying and meeting for dinner.

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Gee, taking my wife is worth a salad to you? What an idiot! I would love revenge but I am not going there. I will write the letter, let my wife read it first, then burn it. I am taking the highest road I can and hope we can come out of this stronger and more in love.

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Its funny u mentioned all this because i thought of the lenghts my wife can go to in such occasions. Believe me Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The coldness a warm human being can give out is amazing. I think that everything she did is well deserved. But that aint the best apology. I think that in order to write a sincere apology letter one must really feel the pain. However, it is important that you search deep within you if you really want to be with this person.

The mind can play tricks on you. Also search what pushed you to take such action. I cheated on my boyfriend. He trusted me so much. He didn't shout at me when he came to know about it, but left me with this guilty feeling.. I tried everything but he wouldn't listen.. Apology letter feels good but what if he wouldn't read it? I also got caught cheating on my husband of 17 years last month. I haven't officially apologized yet but feel I owe him at the very least I know he doesn't owe me forgiveness in return, but still feel we have had a long history together and he deserves a face-to-face "I f-d up and I'm sorry I did this to you"-type apology.

In writing. Have it include what whe did. An acknowledgement of my pain in a way that showes she is capable of really empathizing and knows how she would have felt in the reverse situation. A statement of commitment to the marriage including a promise to "never again" and a recognition that "she's out of second chances". Well thought out. It should include her expectations of a response, or lack thereof like "I hope you can accept this apology, and while I can't expect instant forgiveness, I hope that someday you CAN forgive me if only so you can eventually release some of the anger and hurt you are feeling to get your life back a little bit.

NOT just "I'm sorry you were hurt", since that implies maybe it was ok to do it NO excuses.

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No attempts to justify. That would really be putting herself out there, risk of it being used against her somehow, etc, but there is never going to be trust without taking some big "Trust" risks on her part. It's also harder therefore more valuable to put it down on paper and sign it. I just got caught cheating so I thought one of the letters here would work perfect and help smooth over the situation.

So i cut and pasted it to an email and sent it to my very distraught wife.

Letter to the Unfaithful Spouse

Unfortunately, for me, she is much smarter than I thought. She Googled the whole letter and found this site!!! As a token of her appreciation in regards to my sincere effort to rectify my slight "lapse of judgment" she bleached my whole wardrobe and shaved my dog. Our fine dishware seems to be super glued together I did give her points on creativity there.

That's just mean. So she left me in an email with the Declaration of Independence copied into it and stated that she's "blowing my lawyer who now and he feels very sympathetic to her situation and that any retard can copy a freaking letter and paste it in and email you plagiarist man whore parasite".

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Maybe copying a letter off the internet was not the best approach. Just saying Different things work for different people and situations. Every person must find out what works for them. Nice lens. A letter seems like the most INsincere way to approach the situation. Face-to-face if you want it fixed - a letter won't cut it. What a f-cking copout. You can say ''Hey, I cheated.